Car Security

Security system with integrated immobilizer, Bluetooth tags, communication channel is encrypted for each system separately by a “dialog” algorithm, integrated shock, motion sensors and 3D accelerometer use elaborate algorithms to ensure adequate response to any event. The system monitors every sensitive area – doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, voltage, etc.

Smartphone Apps

Free Pandora Online (for Android OS) and Pandora Pro (for iOS)  apps allow to access various parameters of the system, as well as telemetry and tracking from your Smartphone. System allows to monitor car status, fuel, temperature, voltage, events history, routes, change system settings, to control the car.

Remote start & Telemetry

Remote start system with integrated keyless bypass of original immobilizers for many popular car makes. Built-in shock, motion and tilt sensors supported by ingenious adaptive algorithms provide smart protection during a remote start procedure. Internet-service, mobile apps, GSM voice interface allows to start engine remotely and to set up automatic starts by time, voltage or temperature.

Digital Immobilizer Bypass

It is a unique „Pandora Bypass“, Pandora „CLONE“ technology-based car immobilizer bypass using the IMMO-KEY system interface and without sacrifice a key in the car. The solutions are technological and selected according to the car model, brand, year.

Control over preheater

Systems allows for remote control over popular engine preheaters like „Webasto“ or „Eberspaecher“, including sequential preheat and start options. System can be directly connected to preheater via a CAN-bus. Control is possible via a mobile apps, internet-service or according to the temperature in the car.

Bluetooth 4.2

The system is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 interface that allows you to connect additional modules, radio tags, blocking radio relays, additional protective wireless magnets, motion sensors, 3D accelerometers, if needed for an additional GPS antenna to determine the exact location of the car.


GSM modem

Built-in GSM modem requires local SIM card and allows system to make calls, send texts, take commands via a phone or access online service. GSM/GPRS modem and online service allow you to monitor various parameters of your car, view event history and track it via GPS.


CAN-BUS interface

System integration is minimal and the level of security is high. The system connects to 2X CAN-BUS interface and communicates with car electronics in a digital protocol. The protocols are adapted to the car model, brand, year.


OEM control

All OEM controls and vehicle functionality remain unchanged. Pandora Smart provides only additional control, functionality and monitoring functions. Pandora Smart is an extra smart car control.





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